Josie Makes

Hello there! I'm Josie

motion + design

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What I do

Graphic Design

My background in public relations and writing combines with my graphic design skills to set me up to be uniquely prepared to communicate your message, visually. I believe in effective, clear design, that's aware of what's being said with every color, typeface, and image.

Motion Graphics

Motion is my passion. Nothing adds impact to your message quite like bringing it to life, and the algorithms know it. You don't sit still. The world doesn't sit still. Let's get your ideas moving, too.

Social Media

Years spent in the social media trenches have equipped me with valuable experience as a consumer, creator, and manager of social media presences. From artists to influencers to tv shows. Social media has a language all its own, and I'm fluent.

My Work

Who I Am

Huge dork. Big nerd. Design obsessed.

A Seattle native very happy to finally be warm, I'm a Los Angeles-based graphic and motion designer. I started out with a degree in Public Relations and writing, landed in social media coordination and management, and finally decided I was more interested in creating visual messaging.


My Work

Fun Fact: I coded, deployed, and maintain this entire site, so, you're already seeing my work as far as HTML and CSS goes. Below, is a selection of my motion and design work.